Website Maintenance & Total Care

As with any good website, it requires upkeep. Not to mention, it is important to protect your website from potential hacks, breaches and other threats. NightOwl Studio takes care of your website to give you peace of mind with our monthly care package.
By being on our plan, we will ensure you and your customers have the best possible experience by working behind-the-scenes to keep everything running smoothly.

What's included in the Care Package?

WordPress Updates

We manage all core, plugin and theme updates to keep your site maintained and running smooth.

Analytic Reports

See how many visitors you have to your site and more with our monthly reports.

Performance Checkup

We check and optimize your website so it performs at its best.


Weekly backups of your data stored onsite and at off-site locations along with daily restore points.

*** Bonus ***

We offer to take care of any quick website updates you might have up to 1 hour every month.


You're probably wondering what is included in that 1 hour of support. It's tough to publish an exhaustive list of what is in-scope versus out-of-scope. However, below is a general list. If you have any questions,  don't hesitate to contact us.


Basic design changes (i.e. modifying colors, editing images, etc.)
Basic content changes (i.e. updating work hours, adding or editing posts/pages, etc.)
Media updates (i.e. photos or videos you own or have access to)
Social Media integration (i.e. adding Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
WordPress Updates, Optimizations, and Backups
Website security monitoring


Logo design, product design, and other design projects
Content creation and copywriting
Editing media (i.e. audio, video, or PowerPoint presentations)
Adding new plugins, software or functionality not already included
Designing and building landing pages
Inventory management
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