Logos and Branding

If you have a website, most likely you have a logo. Your logo is part of your brand. It is what helps customers recognize you.

When a logo is done right, it can serve many purposes. One, it tells people what you are all about. Two, combined with advertising, it can be recognized anywhere. Logos can invoke feelings, make a statement, give a clue about the business, lend credibility, and much more.

Here at NightOwl Studio, we offer custom logo work and assist with designing for branding materials. Also keep in mind that there are different types of logos including Wordmark, Pictorial Mark, and Abstract Mark.

What Are Logo Types?

Did you know that there are different types of logos? One type may be more suitable to your business or another may be. We craft your logo to tell a story to your consumers. We have 3 major categories: Text based, Graphic based, and Combination Marks which are further broken down below. 
Do you have a long company name? Then a Lettermark logo is your best bet. Want a strong name recognition? Display your company with pride with a Wordmark logo.
Does your company have a clear imagery association either from your name or your services? Stand out with a Symbol logo. If you would rather have the freedom to visually represent your company, go with an Abstract logo.
Last but not least, if it just makes sense to proudly combine a pictorial logo with your company name, a Combination Logo will do.

Famous Examples

BBC Logo and a Lettermark Type
Google Logo and a Workmark Type
Apple Logo and a Symbol or Pictorial Mark Type
Chase Logo and an Abstract Mark Type
Adobe Logo and a Combination Mark Type

Logo Designs

Startup Logo

✓ Custom Logo
✓ 1-on-1 Brainstorm
✓ 3 Initial Logo Designs
✓ 1 Revision to Top Design
✓ Web Files JPEG, PNG, GIF
✓ Source Files AI, EPS, Vector

Logo Plus

✓ Custom Logo
✓ 1-on-1 Brainstorm
✓ 5 Initial Logo Designs
✓ 2 Revisions to Top Design
✓ 1 Brand Style Guide
✓ Web Files JPEG, PNG, GIF
✓ Source Files AI, EPS, Vector
✓ Multiple Design Formats (square, horizontal, B&W) if appropriate

Tell Your Story With Marketing Materials

Business Cards

Business Card Design

✓ Layout Mock-up
✓ One-of-a-kind
✓ 2 Sided Custom Design
✓ Print Files PNG, GIF

4x6 Postcard Design

✓ Layout Mock-up
✓ One-of-a-kind
✓ 1 Sided Custom Design
2 Sided Custom Design
✓ Print Files PNG, GIF

Branding Á La Carte

Logo Update $250
Logo Alternate $150
Letterhead $99
Bi-Fold Brochure $275
Tri-Fold or Z-Fold Brochure $350
Poster $199
Flyer $150
Menu $150

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