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Emily Morris

Founder, Designer, Developer and all around Nightowl Nerd
Nerd by night, I have a passion for all things art and literary. I love being creative but I have this other side of me that is pure logic. I first discovered the world of computer language at a young age. I developed an appreciation for creative designs and minimalistic pages. I attended UNC- Wilmington and have my degree in Information Systems Technology. This set the tone. I found my niche in web design, user experience, and user interface.

The world wide web is constantly evolving. Trends come and go; multitudes of devices are accessible; every year new standards come forward. A website that looked good a few years ago may feel stale now and not deliver the solutions you need. Is your site mobile responsive? Does your site load in less than 5 seconds? With either a few touchups or if a complete overhaul is necessary, I can give your website the creative solutions it needs. I believe quality and customer care is everything. So if you're ready to work together, give me a shout. Let me help you look toward the future.

Our Working Process with Our Clients

Business Analysis

Understanding your business is critical to any successful project. An initial consultation is provided and additional analysis of the current systems and processes is available when needed.

Written Proposal

All potential clients receive a written proposal defining the scope. Clients are able to review, ask questions and make adjustments so they get exactly what they want for the price they want when working with us.

Agreement & Scope

Once the proposal is accepted a formal Agreement is presented electronically. Detailed within the Scope of Work are the exact items listed with the prices. Once signed, the executed Agreement is delivered as a PDF file.

Design & Prototype

Depending upon your specific project, this part of our process will cover the sitemap, design, and mockup of your website. Planning is everything.

Development & Setup

This part of our process will cover what we need to do to deliver: from website design & development to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Review services and beyond.

Testing & Refining

Once your project goals have been achieved, we will put the results through their paces. We run detailed testing processes including mobile device responsiveness. This is where we address any anomalies.

Training & Handover

If included in your proposal, we'll provide training and all of the appropriate materials for you and your team so you can make the most of the expert services we delivered.

Ongoing Support

Our relationship doesn't stop once we've delivered your project. We have ongoing support and service plans available to suit any size business. Our Total Care plans are the perfect compliment to your new website too.

Are you ready to start your project?

Let's discuss how we can help solve your business challenges and give flight to your business.

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Saturdays and Sundays: Closed
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